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Why Only a Few Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life...

Writing in a journal regularly is great for several reasons, but a gratitude journal is the secret that changed my life and I want to share it with you.

It’s super simple… this positive strategy that you can begin today can literally change your life. And it takes only a few minutes to do.

It has profited me with clarity that gives me peace, direction, and simplicity; unparalleled to anything I’ve tried. 

It’s a secret that I want to share with you and I’m positive you’ll love it.

I’m referring to using a gratitude journal.

I used to journal regularly, but everything would come out. I can go back and read entries that were sometimes just ugly negative. That didn’t help me and it won’t help you.

In this article I wrote, in detail, the way a gratitude journal moves you in a way nothing else will. I hope you enjoy what you read, but I want you to know that I created the Think Positive Check-In gratitude journal just for you. You can print the TPC Gratitude Journal for free or for your convenience you can order a beautiful printed copy. The journal is simple to use... Simply the best tool for developing positive thinking and gratitude in your life.

I highly recommend that after you read the article you order a copy for yourself… I can promise this simple practice will change your life.

Okay, I guess you already know that I am and always have been a positive person. However; I’m always learning from other successfully positive people when I stumbled upon the idea of keeping a gratitude journal. 

You’re probably a lot like me. As such you might want to know how to tap into positivity more regularly. Using the Think Positive gratitude journal will give you an edge on how to do just that consistently without difficulty. Trust me, the feelings of pure gratitude, positivity, and joy for who you are, your relationships, and the blessings you have in life will come easily. This simple routine will have a huge positive impact on your life.

I know it has for me...

Craig Ballantyne was who introduced me to keeping a gratitude journal many years ago and I have employed the practice.

I was taught early on that keeping a journal was vitally important and with the tweaks I learned from Craig I have put together the Think Positive gratitude journal. I feel a great sense of gratitude for all those that inspired me to use and share this positive practice.

The Think Positive Gratitude Journal is Divided Into Two Significant Parts. 

The first part is a list of prompts that will help you express your gratitude. You shouldn’t over think this, but start by first identifying one good thing that happened to you today.

The next prompt is counterintuitive. Let me explain... I have always felt like focusing only on the positive was the most powerful way to - well - stay positive.

One day I was with a group young men and one of them was inviting each of the others to share one good thing that happened in their week and one bad thing. I wanted to correct him and tell the group to just share the one positive item, but I decided to let it play out. What happened was life changing.

I saw that sharing that one challenge did not create a negative experience. These young men realized that they all share challenges, they could lift each other up, and they could more easily focus on the positive things in their lives by expressing that they also have challenges. That experience had such an impact that I have since implemented this little practice into my family.

Each evening we gather for family prayer. Whoever has the opportunity of leading the prayer shares one thing they're grateful for, one challenge, and what they need to help overcome that challenge.

I know that our brains are programed to find solutions and so when you identify a challenge your brain goes to work - looking for a solution.

After you've recorded one good thing and one challenge - record your gratitude.

Here’s an example of a recent entry:

Gratitude Journal Entry Example

one good thing:

my wife and I went on the most beautiful walk by the stream today.

one challenge:

I had hoped to complete a new post for the blog, but I just felt like something was missing and didn't get it completed.


I am so grateful for my family. Each one is so unique and I feel so blessed that they strive to do their best. My wife is such a help meet for me - encouraging me and the children, she inspires me to be my best.


You will find the next prompt to inspire you to record the events of the day. You may already recognize that your thoughts are just as important as the experiences you had, if not more. Take a brief moment of reflection as you make an accounting of your day.


You can finish up the first section by declaring your goals and dreams. We have long-term and short-term goals. It is a good idea to identify both from time-to-time as we pursue them. Sometimes we hesitate to make goals that we feel are out of our reach or we don't know how we can accomplish. That is why you find the word dream. You have permission to dream - dream BIG.

On the second half of each page of the Think Positive gratitude journal is your to do and wins column.

You will be able set yourself up for success by making a to-do list for the upcoming day. In addition you will find a place to record your wins for the day.

I’ve included this as a simple, but effective, motivation tool. Too often we neglect celebrating all the little wins that we have each and every day. I decided to harness my positive momentum by making a record of my daily accomplishments. So, I have made it a staple in the gratitude journal I made for you.

Sometimes it’s hard to identify wins when we are going through the rigors of life. But I promise you that when you develop the habit of recognizing your accomplishments you will start having bigger wins in all areas of your life. So, don’t get too analytical about what is or isn’t a win… a win, is a win, is a win! 

Celebrate All Your Wins!

For whatever reason we have become resistant to recognizing the small miracles that happen to us every day. Not anymore!

The time has come to elevate our positivity by keeping a gratitude journal. Write down your wins and let gratitude swell within you. It won’t be long before you find it hard to limit yourself to just five wins. And that’s when positive momentum will spill over into all areas of your life.

Now I want to check my privilege. I've been so blessed and you’ve been blessed with a wonderful life, wouldn’t you agree, just for the fact that you are reading this at all.

If you don’t agree, you need just a few minutes a day of gratitude journaling, and you’ll surely change your mind.

Simple and easy.

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