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The unMatched Positivity Master Course gives you the practical tools to master your life.

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Have you ever felt like you just couldn't get ahead in life? Like, no matter how hard you tried you seemed to hit a brick wall that stopped your progress?

I know that I have and yet I kept moving forward and discovered that I could achieve anything I set my mind to, yes, anything. After years of application I have put together all that I've learned that helped me to overcome any obstacle and accomplish any goal that I wanted.

Now you can discover your own potential to live your best life.

The Student Body President

When I was very young I began setting goals. And when I say very young, we're talking single digits. No one had taught me to do this, but I still have some of the original written goals from when I was 7. 

Setting goals helped me achieve a lot early in life, but I want to share a story about two student body presidents that helped shape me - as profoundly as setting goals.

When I was a junior in high school there was a new student that had moved in. There was nothing that really set this guy apart. He was kind and well accepted but he wasn't an athlete, he didn't excel academically, no one would call him remarkably attractive, he was simply the new kid... I'll refer to him as Paul.

About halfway through the school year Paul approached me and asked if I'd be a part of his campaign team, he was going to run for student body president. I had no aspirations to run for student body anything, but felt honored to be asked to help. I thought it was because I was so goal oriented. But I was part of a bigger plan.

Paul had asked a dozen or more people to be part of his campaign team. He had approached each person he asked individually or at most a group of two. He didn't ask or assign anything to anyone, he just put together a group.

He arranged a meeting with his campaign team and expressed his gratitude for our support and boldly declared that because of our involvement he was positive he would be the next student body president. There was no conceit in him, he made you feel like it was you, not him, that mattered. He made no assignments, just a thank you.

In the coming weeks there was another candidate for student body president... Jake. Jake was a star football and baseball player, he dated the head cheerleader, and drove a sweet Jeep. He was the perfect stereotype of the most popular guy on campus. 

Popularity vs. Planning

Paul called another meeting. He was all smiles and passed out a single sheet of paper to each of us outlining his platform. Paul also said that he would be making assignments in the next couple of days.

What I found most interesting is Paul did not spend a moment of time talking about Jake's candidacy. He didn't lament that a couple of his team members had left. He was happy and calm.

Jake, Mr. Popular,  was the first to put up a few, "Vote for Jake" fliers. The next morning Paul had fliers plastered everywhere. For every flier that Jake had, Paul had 20. In addition, Paul had banners in every hallway and had mobilized team members to pass out buttons and stickers.

In short, Paul was not reacting to Jake, he had planned each detail far in advance, and executed it completely on his terms. And it didn't stop, his speech and skit, were received with such enthusiasm that there was no doubt he would easily become the next student body president. The guy who was a brand new student just months earlier.

In fact, the rumor spread that Jake only got 9 votes. But you would never know that from Paul's account as he invited his team to celebrate and he expressed how thankful he was for our support and hard work. He said, "it was a hard fought campaign" - it wasn't even close.

Paul's positivity, planning, and humility made all the difference.

Popularity and Planning

I moved my senior year to a much larger school. I had made several friends, but curiously most of them where a year behind me. I think it was because my sister started at the new school a year previous and she was a year behind me.

One of my friends stood out among all the rest, Jacob.

Jacob was full of energy and was the kindest guy you'd ever meet. No one was ever left out if Jacob was around. He had his own gravitational field that just drew people in - the crowd moved with Jacob.

He was the most popular guy on the campus of a much larger school. His popularity was built on his genuine concern for others. He wasn't playing a part - that was who he was.

Jacob ran for student body president, he ran uncontested. There were still buttons and fliers... but Jacob's planning had been less about the nuts and bolts and more about years of thinking of others first.

Jacob's years of accumulated positivity made all the difference.

I wasn't involved with Jacob's run for student body president and not only because I was a year older, but about the time that all that was going on I had lost my father. The rest of my senior year was mostly a blur.

Positive Habits

I was in honor's English and after my father's passing the teacher encouraged me to drop his class and take an ethics class instead. I don't know if it was coordinated, but for the next two months I listened and read Steven Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" as part of the class curriculum. It is still one of my favorite books to this day.

I read that book a couple more times over the next year and a half. The past was the past or so I thought.

I had moved onto other goals and was in a different state. I had just finished lunch and was walking towards a trash receptacle  when someone called my name from across the room.

When I looked Jacob was just leaving a group of people that I didn't know. He quickly threw his arms around me and it became obvious that this new group of friends had already become familiar with Jacob's spontaneous nature of positivity as they laughed and hollered at Jacob as he introduced me to them.

It was just a brief reunion, but I can tell you that when he looked directly into my eyes and asked, "how are you, I've been thinking about you and your family", I knew that I had to become better. I wanted, I needed, that kind of innate goodness and positivity.

And though I might never get to the level of Jacob or even Paul I have learned that it is possible to get close.

Positive habits have made all the difference. And they can be learned.





Come to understand your value is not diminished by imperfections or the perceptions of others.


Learn the secret to resilience to overcome any obstacle which we all face from time to time.


Get the techniques of building and maintaining confidence to achieve your goals consistently


The secret (checklist) to managing your time to be more productive and stress-free.


You can be reactive or proactive. Learn how to change on your terms and get more out of life.


Gain the leaderships skills to build solid relationships personally and professionally.


8 simple steps to wire your brain to focus on the positive that can lead to a happier quality of life.


Get the single most valuable tool that I have used to balancing the body-mind connection.


Discover the simple habit to have peace in a moment, day after day.


The ultimate course for you if you want to progress further in life with a simple mindset switch. Positive thinking is the first secret to living a happy, fulfilled and more successful life — And is what this life-changing course is all about.

You will discover everything you need to know about having unmatched positivity — the strategies that form positive psychology, the benefits of adopting a positivity, simple step-by-step action plans to train your mind to recognize your true potential, be resilient in any situation, explode your confidence to develop your thinking systems for success in yourself, work, relationships, and life … and much more waiting to be revealed inside this course.

If you want to unleash your full potential in life and create your own success story... then this is the master course you have been looking for.

Course Overview

Module 01.

How Positive Thinking Works
  • How Do Happy People Find Good In The World?
  • How Positive Thinking is proven by psychological studies to help people lead a happier & better quality life
  • The Ultimate Exercise to Be Happy - Decide
  • How to Put Your Positive Attitude In Action
  • Our Minds Create Our World

5 lessons

Module 02.

Benefits Of Positive Thinking
  • Positive Thinkers Cope Better With Stress and Improves Your Health
  • Become Resilient to overcome any Obstacle
  • Have Better Relationships With People - personally and professionally
  • Gain More Focus And Concentration
  • Develop Incredible Confidence
  • Have A Happier Life

9 lessons

Module 03.

How to Recognize "BLUE" Thoughts
  • How your thoughts drive the way you feel about yourself and your actions
  • Become more adept in seeing the good even when bad things happen
  • Learning the skill of eliminating assumptions and self-critical comparisons
  • Don't Exaggerate the Negative

5 lessons

Module 04.

What Negative Thoughts Do To Your Brain
  • There is a Link Between Your Thinking and Actions
  • scientific studies explaining the impact of the human brain
  • Gain a greater understanding of positive psychology

2 lessons

Module 05.

Tips to Train Your Mind for Positive Thoughts
  • How you can retrain Your Subconscious
  • How to manage your time to take care of yourself and do the things you love
  • The amazing technique to Flip Negatives Into Positives

7 lessons

Module 06.

The Role Of The Language We Use
  • The Impact of Positive And Negative Language Has On The Brain
  • Learning The Skill Of Monitoring Your Self-Talk
  • Establishing A Psychological Space

10 lessons

Module 07.

Steps On How To Train Your Mind To Think Positive
  • 8 simple steps to wire your mind to focus on the positive
  • fast actionable tasks to change every area of your life
  • Moving from a state of understanding to a person of action

9 lessons

Module 08.

Thinking Systems For Success – Planning Positive
  • How to develop your personalized system for thinking, planning, and innovating which are crucial to bringing you closer to your goals
  • addressing failure

8 lessons


  • Complete Checklist - breaking topics and assignments  into easy digestible chunks, you get absolute clarity inclusive of easy-to-follow action steps!
  • Comprehensive Course Map - This course map is perfect for 'visual' learners.
  • Written, Audio, and Video of every lesson!

Pricing Options

You will get instant access to the complete master course with a one-time payment. 




  • All 8 Modules 55 written lessons with the practical techniques, strategies and clear action-steps to take.
  • Checklists with exercises to help you to better understand yourself and how to improve your resilience, confidence, relationships, stress, and time-management.
  • 10 audio guides you can listen to anywhere and anytime when you need a reminder or a boost during your day.
  • The 4 extra bonus lessons, to understanding yourself and others and the workbooks that goes with them.





  • All 8 Modules 55 written lessons with the practical techniques, strategies and clear action-steps to take.
  • Checklists with exercises to help you to better understand yourself and how to improve your resilience, confidence, relationships, stress, and time-management.
  • 10 audio guides you can listen to anywhere and anytime when you need a reminder or a boost during your day.
  • The 4 extra bonus lessons, to understanding yourself and others and the workbooks that goes with them.
  • Videos of each lesson!

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