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Hello, I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Jon Peterson, the writer behind Think Positive Check. I’m a really simple guy that enjoys life. I was born in Arizona where I was raised in a large family by good parents that taught us good principles to live by.

My childhood was quite simple, typical by most standards. I liked to play games, learn new things, and work hard. Unlike many of my peers though I set goals very young and knew what I wanted out of life. 

I think that focus made my life pretty easy to manage. Unfortunately the unexpected happened…

My dad, at the age of 49, died of a massive heart attack my senior year of high school. It was devastating to the family and I vividly remember that day.

Moments after I found out I went to the backyard and knelt in prayer. I pled with God that I would always remember the lessons I learned from my dad and I felt peace.

Needless to say my life was altered. I didn’t lose sight of my goals, but I did take a detour… joining the Marine Corps after high school. It felt good to serve my country while I cleared my mind.

Getting back to my goals… I went on to serve a mission for my church in England for a couple years. It was rewarding to live in a different country and you know what – people are good.

I married the most amazing woman and we have great kids, all pictured above. I became a doctor of chiropractic, a decision I made when I was eight.

My life has not been perfect, but through all the ups and downs I have maintained a positive outlook. And having worked with, along side, and observed people in diverse situations I decided to start ThinkPostitiveCheck.com.

I have learned that positive thinking can lead to happiness and success in life, relationships, and work. So, I figured, I can do more than just give inspiration.

I can provide you with practical tools and tips to help you become more positive, resilient, confident, productive, and calm for your personal development, and mental wellbeing. 

So, here we are. This blog and certainly I am a work in progress. I’m sharing what I have discovered in my journey. And I sincerely hope what I share can help you as well. Here is a sample of what I’ve learned:

  • Life is unpredictable, but I can choose to be positive no matter what.
  • I carry confidence, which requires me to be responsible for what I share.
  • I have learned so much from others and people need to know their value… You Are Amazing!
  • The past is the past… I don’t dwell on it. I only learn from it. And the future is bright!
  • There is a difference between being productive and just being busy… I’m still learning this one.
  • There is no such thing as failure… just results. If I don’t like the results try again.

The things I write about have had an impact on my life. Some or perhaps many of these ideas and strategies can help you in your life journey.

We all have different experiences and personalities, but I’ve discovered that as people we also share a lot of similarities.

That said, I am not a therapist or counselor and the information on TPC should not be considered psychological advice. TPC is for educational purposes only. If you have serious problems, please seek professional help.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please feel free to send me a message.

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