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120 Affirmations for Marriage That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Spicing things up in your marriage isn’t just about turning up the heat in the bedroom. Speaking positivity into your marriage is a great way to build a stronger, long-lasting union.

If your relationship tends to be boring, full of negativity, gradually dying, or no longer what it used to be, you can rekindle your love with affirmations for marriage.

As you read and repeat these positive affirmations, infuse them with positive emotions.

Merely reciting words without corresponding emotions won’t produce the desired results. The more you believe in the positive statements you speak, the more effective they are.

Remember, only use affirmations that resonate with you.

If something sounds way out there for you, ignore it. You can’t bring about positive changes if you struggle to believe the statements you say.

And whatever you do, avoid flattery or exaggeration.

If you have to say positive words of affirmation to your spouse, mean them. The aim is to show genuine appreciation for sharing their lives with you, not to get something in return for complimenting them.

Powerful Affirmations for Marriage

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Strengthen your bond with the following marriage affirmations. Repeat them to yourself daily and do it wholeheartedly, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

Don’t worry if things in your marriage aren’t currently the way you want them. By consistently repeating these powerful affirmations, your mind will come up with ways to spur you into actions that align with your positive statements and love language and create the reality you desire.

  1. My spouse and I complete each other.
  2. We are honest and open with each other.
  3. I am fully devoted to my spouse.
  4. I am always there for my spouse.
  5. I love my wife/husband unconditionally.
  6. I accept my spouse unreservedly.
  7. Our marriage is blissful.
  8. I value my wife/husband for who they are.
  9. My home is blessed.
  10. Our bond grows stronger by the day.
  11. I respect my spouse.
  12. We always work things out together.
  13. We bring out the best in each other.
  14. My partner makes me feel good enough.
  15. My marriage is my number one priority.
  16. Our home is peaceful.
  17. We are blessed to have each other.
  18. I see myself growing old with my wife/husband.
  19. My wife/husband is a precious gift.
  20. We are devoted to each other.
  21. I am committed to my husband/wife.
  22. I am grateful to be married to my wife/husband.
  23. I feel secure in my marriage.
  24. We are perfect for each other.
  25. We grow wiser and stronger every day.
  26. I am enjoying my marriage.
  27. I support my partner’s goals and dreams.
  28. We’ve got each other’s back.
  29. We forgive each other easily.
  30. We are a team!

Intimate Affirmations for Marriage

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The following affirmations can cause positive changes, whether it feels like you are drifting apart from your spouse or you want to boost physical and emotional intimacy in a healthy marriage.

  1. I am head over heels for my wife/husband.
  2. Our marriage is very romantic.
  3. We are passionately in love with each other.
  4. I shower my partner with lots of love and affection.
  5. My wife/husband has my undivided attention.
  6. I enjoy spending time with my husband/wife.
  7. I connect deeply with my wife/husband on an emotional level.
  8. I love every part of my wife/husband.
  9. I like to gaze into my partner’s eyes.
  10. I enjoy playing with my partner.
  11. We are fond of each other.
  12. My husband/wife is my best friend in the world!
  13. We motivate and help each other grow.
  14. I am satisfied with my spouse.
  15. I have a loving spouse.
  16. I adore my husband/wife.
  17. I am into my partner.
  18. My world is complete with my spouse beside me.
  19. We are comfortable being vulnerable with each other.
  20. We learn a lot from each other.
  21. I give my husband/wife room to breathe.
  22. I accept, appreciate, and respect our differences.
  23. I find exciting ways to express my love for my wife/husband.
  24. We connect on more than one level.
  25. My husband/wife loves me deeply.
  26. I love making my spouse happy.
  27. My wife/husband is so in love with me.
  28. We get each other.
  29. We are made for each other.
  30. We grow closer every day.

Affirmations for Marriage: Positive Statements to Tell Your Wife

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It may not be obvious to husbands, but many women feel insecure in their marriages for several reasons.

Your wife may appear strong on the outside, but she may struggle with internal issues: Is she a good mother? Do you still find her attractive? Are her accomplishments worth anything?

Some things wives struggle with may sound mundane or even ridiculous to husbands, but they are very real to women. Your wife knows you love her, but she wants to feel wanted, valued, and appreciated.

And the best way to do that is by verbalizing how you feel about her presence in your life.

Take your pick from the positive affirmations below, tell them to your wife every day, and let her know how much she means to you.

  1. I’m glad I married you!
  2. You are an amazing woman.
  3. You are a blessing to me.
  4. You complete me.
  5. I am a better partner because of you.
  6. You’re fun to be with.
  7. I appreciate everything you do for our home.
  8. You are a hardworking and smart woman.
  9. You are kind and so thoughtful.
  10. You make our house a home.
  11. You are dependable.
  12. I have faith in you.
  13. I value your insight.
  14. I trust your intuition.
  15. I am proud to be your man.
  16. I am proud of you!
  17. You are beautiful inside and out.
  18. I adore and admire you a lot.
  19. I admire your strength.
  20. I love you now and always.
  21. You are my dream woman.
  22. You are a blessing to this family.
  23. You are a great example to our kids.
  24. I enjoy sharing my life with you.
  25. You are my world!
  26. You make my life easy.
  27. I fall in love with you afresh each day.
  28. I am thankful to have you in my life.
  29. You make me a strong believer in love and marriage.
  30. You are so beautiful.

Affirmations for Marriage: Positive Statements to Tell Your Husband

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Your man needs to know he is loved. Telling your husband how much you adore and value him using words of positive affirmation can make him feel seen and appreciated.

Don’t wait until your man feels temporarily defeated to lift his spirit with supportive words. Make it a habit to affirm, uplift, support, and cheer him on with positive words as often as possible.

Here are some positive words of affirmation you can use daily in your home to make your man feel loved and strengthen your loving relationship.

  1. Your strength inspires me.
  2. I am grateful for your efforts.
  3. You are my anchor.
  4. I appreciate you for being a responsible father.
  5. I am proud of your achievements.
  6. I learn a lot from you.
  7. You are my best friend.
  8. You make me feel good enough.
  9. You make loving you easy and fun.
  10. You are the man of my dreams.
  11. I trust you completely.
  12. I love you unconditionally.
  13. I cherish your love, care, and support.
  14. I am glad you are in my life.
  15. The kids and I are glad to have you in our lives.
  16. I am proud of the person you have become.
  17. I am yours now and always.
  18. I love loving you.
  19. You are successful.
  20. I am always here for you.
  21. I am proud to call you mine.
  22. You are a shining example to our kids.
  23. You are an amazing husband, and I’m glad to have you.
  24. You are more than capable.
  25. You make my life beautiful.
  26. You are God’s gift to me.
  27. I am happy to spend the rest of my life with you.
  28. You are my one and only!
  29. I married a fine gentleman.
  30. You are handsome!

Making the Most of Affirmations for Marriage

The most effective way to cause positive changes in your marriage with affirmations is by approaching the statements as if they are true.

You are not looking forward to them; instead, you believe that the things you say about your marriage are happening now.

In other words, confidently say your daily affirmations in the present tense.

Feel the excitement of having more romance, bliss, happiness, and emotional connection with your spouse when you use marriage affirmations.

This strengthens your intentions for manifesting the type of marriage you and your spouse desire.

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