Best Podcasts for Positive Thinking

The 7 Best Podcasts for Positive Thinking

Are you looking for daily inspiration? You’re on the right page!

There’s no denying the fact that our world is inundated with lots of negative news that can quickly rope you into negative thought patterns. However, there are still many ways to inject lots of positivity into your day. One good way to do this is by listening to a positive mindset podcast.

The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime, regardless of what you are doing. So, you can always gain a positive perspective.

Here are 7 positive thinking podcasts that will energize you and help you get through your day.

1. Morning Mindfulness

Morning Mindfulness

Morning Mindfulness tops my list of positive thinking and motivational podcasts for a reason. The way you start your morning tends to impact the rest of the day, so it is crucial to kick things off on the right note.

No, you won’t be running late for your morning appointments because each podcast takes only about two minutes. Yet, they are packed with inspiration to keep you going throughout the day.

Dr. Jin, the host of the Morning Mindfulness podcast, tells short stories with powerful lessons to put you in the right frame of mind for the day.

No matter how short on time you are, two minutes isn’t too much to spare to get your day supercharged, right?

2. Inspirational Living

Inspirational Living

I love Inspirational Living, as I’m certain you will too. It taps into the wisdom of the most renowned motivational self-help authors of all times, including Napoleon Hill, Marcus Aurelius, Booker T. Washington, Helen Keller, and several other epic authors.

Make it a habit to listen to Inspirational Living if you want a free online life coach.

You can listen to fresh episodes every Tuesday and Thursday, but you don’t have to wait too long to get a healthy dose of inspiration. Simply browse through a vast archive of uplifting podcasts to listen and get fired up instantly.

3. Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast

Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast

Want to gain insight into some of the tricks that successful people use to stay positive in difficult situations? You should listen to The Positivity Podcast hosted by Paul McKenna.

In each half-hour episode, McKenna draws from his wealth of experience as a behavioral scientist, author, and radio and television broadcaster to interview guests on a wide range of topics.

Rather than a journalistic interview approach, McKenna adopts a deeply explorative style as he interviews some of the world’s most interesting people every week. In this format, the interview feels more like a conversation, allowing you to tap into the wealth of wisdom shared by his numerous guests.

4. The Tony Robbins Podcast

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins is one of the most successful motivational speakers of our time, and his podcast, The Tony Robbins Podcast, is one of the best podcasts for positive thinking you want to listen to if you are looking to change your life in a significant way.

Tony Robbins is a renowned author and speaker who’s helped countless people, including world leaders and the average Joe, get ahead in life. He brings his high-energy style and positive thought into each Tony Robbins podcast to inject tons of positivity into his listeners.

5. The Gratitude Podcast

The Gratitude Podcast

If you often forget to be grateful but want to become someone who lives with more gratefulness, The Gratitude Podcast might just be the tool you need.

Hosted by Georgian Benta (who’s quick to admit his struggles with gratitude), The Gratitude Podcast is about inspiring people to live a grateful life.

Georgian Benta interviews successful people on his show. They tell their stories about the positive effects of gratitude in their lives.

Many people struggle to develop a habit of gratitude. That’s quite understandable considering all the cares and burdens we have to deal with. However, learning how to make this practice a part of your daily routine can open your eyes to a world of new opportunities.

With over 30,000 downloads, Georgian is well on his way to accomplishing his goal of inspiring 100,000 people to live a life of gratitude. You can become one of those people.

6. Life is a Marathon

Life is a Marathon

Developing positive thinking skills is not about living in denial, and Bruce Van Horn’s Life is a Marathon podcast is clear proof of this.

If you are in a dark place and going through a rough patch, I recommend you grab a pair of earphones, find a quiet place, and listen attentively to Bruce.

The teacher, speaker, writer, and coach went through a series of tough trials, from the death of his daughter to being flat broke. Yet, he managed to pull through and succeed by all standards.

Now, he uses the Life is a Marathon podcast to empower people to live intentionally without holding back.

Here’s a caveat, though.

Bruce challenges many widely held beliefs, so be prepared to hear things that may sound counterintuitive in some of his episodes. However, if you are patient enough to listen, you’ll discover the truth and powerful message Bruce brings to the world.

7. The Positive Head Podcast

The Positive Head Podcast

There is definitely something to be said for a podcast that features in nearly all positive podcasts reviews. The Positive Head Podcast, hosted by Brandon Beachum, is one such podcast.

It’s not difficult to see why Brandon’s show is one of the go-to podcasts in the spirituality niche. It helps listeners raise their vibrations, regardless of their current situations.

The podcast airs every Wednesday, with the host interviewing different well-respected guests in various fields, including psychology, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and more.

Brandon and Dr. Erica Middlemiss take turns on other weekdays to host solo episodes to share ideas on just about any consciousness-related topic under the sun. In the live shows, listeners can ask questions and get answers.

All of these make The Positive Head Podcast one of the best podcasts for positive thinking you can listen to right now.

If you like this list of positive thinking podcasts, I’m certain you’ll want to check out these best books on positive thinking. They take positivity beyond a theoretical philosophy to a practical way of living.

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