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144 Growth Mindset Affirmations You Should Use Everyday

Learning to develop and practice a healthy mindset is much easier if you have a handful of positive affirmations in your arsenal. That’s because affirmations help rewire our thinking, allowing us to quickly overcome our weaknesses.

Growth mindset affirmations are an incredible tool for making positive changes in your life, whether you are trying to shake an unhelpful habit, increase productivity, build confidence, or create new helpful beliefs.

The tool taps into your subconscious mind and creates neural connections in the brain. Although this may sound strange to the uninitiated, it is essentially the same process the brain goes through when you learn something new.

If you are new to affirmations and want to learn how to use them, I recommend checking out this article.

Why You Should Use Growth Mindset Affirmations Every Day

growth mindset vs fixed mindset

Life can be hard sometimes, and people with a fixed mindset can easily throw in the towel when faced with difficult situations.

Why do people with a fixed mindset get discouraged easily?

They believe that what they can achieve in life depends entirely on their fixed qualities, such as talent, intelligence, and creativity.

In other words, they believe they can’t do better than their current level of inherent qualities, so they give up when faced with obstacles or situations beyond their current abilities.

As you may have probably figured, this is a rather limiting way to live.

A better way to live your fullest life is to develop a growth mindset. This means acknowledging that you can improve your creativity, intelligence, talent, and other inherent abilities.

Of course, this means you are willing to work hard to bring about the changes you want.

However, you can make things much easier by including growth mindset affirmations in your daily routine. Using these growth mindset affirmations daily speeds up the change process you want to create.

That’s because the more frequently you use positive affirmations, the quicker your mind accepts the mindset statements as true and rewires your thought patterns.

Before long, your actions and behavior will match your predominant thoughts, and your life will reflect the positive feelings and changes you want.

Making the Most of Growth Mindset Affirmations

Some affirmations won’t ring true for you, no matter how positive they sound, and that’s okay. As you read through the affirmations below, I suggest writing down those that stand out for you ― the ones that speak to your current situation and spark positive feelings.

Put your hand-picked affirmations where you can easily see them. You are more likely to repeat your positive affirmations if you see them frequently.

Whether you say them out loud or silently in your mind is entirely up to you. However, make sure to mean the words as you say them.

Here’s one more thing to keep in mind.

Although you can say these affirmations throughout the day, I strongly recommend repeating a handful of them a couple of times before you drift off the sleep and within the first few minutes after you wake up in the morning.

Powerful Growth Mindset Affirmations for a Happier Life

women putting hands up
  1. I am free to be who I want to be.
  2. I wake up each day with a strong sense of purpose.
  3. My biggest asset is my growth mindset.
  4. I readily let go of the past and go with the flow.
  5. I am open to change.
  6. I always keep my word.
  7. I love to learn.
  8. Learning is fun.
  9. I am a student of life.
  10. Every day and in many ways, I see myself becoming better.
  11. I always seek improvement.
  12. I am very curious and interested in learning more.
  13. I am passionate about personal growth.
  14. I know and acknowledge my limitations.
  15. I strive for balance in all areas of my life.
  16. I am open to new ideas.
  17. I am excited about trying new things.
  18. I look forward to exploring uncharted territories.
  19. I am constantly working to develop my talents.
  20. I take responsibility for my success, failure, happiness, and other emotions.
  21. I become a better person as I work towards my goals.
  22. I always outdo myself.
  23. I take calculated risks.
  24. Every day presents new opportunities for learning and becoming better.
  25. I easily see things from different perspectives.
  26. My thoughts create my reality.
  27. I choose to create positive changes in my life using the power of my thoughts.
  28. I own my behaviors, and I’m always ready to improve.
  29. My brain gets better and stronger when I work on challenging tasks.
  30. I get better with more practice.
  31. I am courageous enough to ask for help.
  32. I am capable of learning anything I set my mind to.
  33. I exercise my brain muscles every day by trying new things.
  34. Things get easier with practice.
  35. I make progress every day.
  36. I am brave enough to go after my dreams.
  37. I am in charge of my attitude and efforts.
  38. I can be anything I choose to be.
  39. Learning is my superpower.
  40. With persistent effort and determination, I can succeed at anything.

Growth Mindset Affirmations for Overcoming Obstacles

man jumping from wall
  1. I am ready in this moment for all that helps me grow.
  2. I can be, do, and have anything if I want it badly enough.
  3. Anything is possible if I set my mind to it.
  4. Failure is not permanent but only a temporary setback.
  5. Every problem I encounter has a solution. I only need to look closer.
  6. I choose to see problems as challenges and obstacles as stepping stones.
  7. I learn from every mistake I make and do better next time.
  8. I will be successful if I dare to try.
  9. I see opportunities for success even in imperfect conditions.
  10. I am happy and grateful no matter what.
  11. From this moment onward, I choose optimism.
  12. I take full responsibility for my thoughts, actions, and behaviors.
  13. I am ready to take action in order to succeed.
  14. Difficulties are learning opportunities.
  15. I always celebrate my successes and see failures as lessons.
  16. I am willing and ready to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.
  17. Obstacles are slight detours on my path to greatness.
  18. I move forward confidently, even in uncertain situations.
  19. I embrace change.
  20. I put in my best efforts to achieve my goals.
  21. I am quick to find the silver lining in all situations.
  22. I am open to new experiences.
  23. I am fully equipped to handle any challenges.
  24. Every day, I confidently step outside my comfort zone.
  25. My attitude is everything.
  26. I practice daily habits to help me succeed.
  27. No matter the situation, I will keep pushing until I reach my goals.
  28. I am a problem solver.
  29. I constantly improve my talents and abilities to create the life I want.
  30. I am proud of myself and my accomplishments, and I constantly work to improve.

Growth Mindset Affirmations for Increased Optimism

happy man with winning gesture
  1. I know that everything in my life unfolds for my highest good.
  2. My future is bright, and I walk into it confidently.
  3. My desires, expectations, and needs are always met fully.
  4. I am turning my dreams into reality.
  5. I have the courage to let go of self-doubt and fear.
  6. I courageously take on life’s challenges because they help me grow.
  7.  I am in control of my destiny.
  8. I have unlimited success.
  9. I deserve everything good in life.
  10. I am skilled, talented, and gifted in many areas of life.
  11. Everything unfolds perfectly for me.
  12. I have all the resources I need to succeed.
  13. I am grateful for all my experiences.
  14. I am thankful for the abundance of life.
  15. I am appreciative of all the help and support I get from people.
  16. I am grateful for everyone in my life.
  17. I am open to all good gifts.
  18. Today, I choose to be happy.
  19. I completely trust and follow my intuition.
  20. I trust myself fully.
  21. I am flexible and ready for positive change.
  22. I am optimistic about humanity.
  23. Every day brings new possibilities.
  24. I learn quickly, forgive easily, and move on without regrets.
  25. I am quick to understand others.
  26. I am on the lookout for personal development opportunities.
  27. Good will comes back to me in many folds when I act kindly.
  28. I have great potential.
  29. I live my best life every day and in all ways.
  30. I make peace with my flaws and acknowledge my shortcomings.
  31. I share my knowledge and expertise with the world.
  32. I completely trust the process.
  33. I always expect good things to happen to me.
  34. I give my best effort in all that I do.
  35. I am open to receiving positive feedback.
  36. I welcome constructive criticism and listen to good advice.
  37. I trust that good things will happen to me.
  38. I always focus on finding solutions in every problematic situation.
  39. I am confident about my abilities to handle any situation.
  40. I am optimistic.
  41. I am grateful for my current circumstances and have complete faith in my future.
  42. I am kind to myself and practice self-compassion when I make mistakes.
  43. It is okay to make mistakes.
  44. I am willing to stretch myself to achieve my goals.

Growth Mindset Affirmations for a Centered Mind and Body

women doing yoga
  1. I always make time to take care of my body and mind.
  2. I live in harmony with myself, nature, and the world around me.
  3. Self-care is essential for my overall well-being.
  4. I am strong and powerful.
  5. I stay grounded in the present moment.
  6. I seek daily inspiration.
  7. I enjoy going into the silence. 
  8. In silence, I connect with my inner self and open my mind to learn more.
  9. Meditation anchors me in the present and prepares me for the future.
  10. I always look for opportunities to do nice things for someone.
  11. I trust my creative abilities to make the changes I want.
  12. I am my top priority.
  13. I am calm and centered.
  14. I am quick to let go of my expectations when I sense resistance.
  15.  It is okay for me to rest and relax.
  16. It is okay to say “no” when I need to.
  17. I keep an open mind.
  18. I am a free spirit.
  19. I am free to be my true self.
  20. I am a positive thinker.
  21. I accept and make peace with where I am.

Growth Mindset Affirmations by Renown Self-Help Authors/Famous People

  1. “I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.” – Louise Hay
  2. “Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh
  3. “Open your heart and drink in the glorious day.” – Heather Havrilesky
  4. “Am I good enough? Yes, I am.” – Michelle Obama
  5. “The perfect moment is this one.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn
  6. “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.” – Audre Lorde
  7. “Every day above earth is a good day.” – Ernest Hemingway
  8. “I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.” – Muhammad Ali
  9. “I’m better than I used to be. Better than I was yesterday. But hopefully not as good as I’ll be tomorrow.” – Marianne Williamson

Final Thoughts

A growth mindset will help you see challenges as opportunities for improvement. This is why developing this mindset is crucial to living your best life.

Hopefully, these growth mindset statements and affirmations will motivate you to challenge your negative inner chatter and help you face challenges boldly with positive self talk.

If you like these affirmations, you will definitely enjoy this collection of shifting affirmations to help you smash your goals.

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