Words of Affirmation for Her

Words of Affirmation for Her [Let the Love Flow]

A verbal affirmation is a powerful life tool for women. A verbal affirmation or positive phrase comes in handy when seeking encouragement or inspiration. These gracious words shape our attitude and perspective towards life and influence our positive energy. Therefore, it is important that you incorporate daily affirmations in your life.

Below are 200 positive words of affirmation for her I have found to empower you and inspire self love. They include affirmations for self-love, confidence, work, success, peace, overcoming challenges, and much more.

Affirmations for a Positive Mindset

  1. I choose to take control of my thoughts
  2. Positive thoughts equal a positive outlook on life
  3. My thoughts affect my life, and I choose to think positive, empowering thoughts
  4. I let go of my need to worry unnecessarily
  5. I am a positive thinker
  6. My thoughts are full of optimism
  7. I find it easy to think positively
  8. I think positive thoughts which radiate positive energy
  9. I notice negative thoughts when they come up and take control of them
  10. My mind is balanced and at peace
  11. I enjoy thinking positively
  12. My optimism transforms my life for the better
  13. I let go of the need to think about the worst of situations
  14. I give up my habit to take things personally
  15. I laugh with ease
  16. I allow myself to have fun
  17. Positive thinkers surround me
  18. When negative thoughts bombard my mind, I remind myself that they are just thoughts and they can be changed

Positive Affirmations for Self-Love

  1. I am enough
  2. I matter
  3. I am worthy
  4. I fully accept myself
  5. I approve of myself
  6. Every day I am learning to love myself
  7. I am willing to be kind to myself
  8. I am willing to be empathetic and compassionate to myself
  9. I accept and approve of myself unconditionally
  10. I love myself
  11. I celebrate the whole of me: my body, my personality, my soul, my mind, and my entire being
  12. I feel good about myself
  13. I choose to love myself even when others do not
  14. I accept the whole of me: my imperfections, my flaws, my weaknesses, and my strength
  15. I love myself deeply and unconditionally
  16. My heart is filled with the love I have for myself
  17. Self-love is not selfishness. I choose to love myself unconditionally

Affirmations for Self-Worth

  1. I am worthy
  2. I am worthy of all the good in my life
  3. I am worthy of all the great experiences and opportunities coming into my life
  4. I am worthy of the supportive and loving people in my life
  5. I am worthy of happiness
  6. I am worthy of prosperity
  7. I am worthy of unconditional love
  8. I am worthy of a harmonious life
  9. I am worthy of success
  10. I am worthy of wealth
  11. I am worthy of financial abundance
  12. I am worthy of a fulfilling life
  13. I am worthy of all the good that is in my life
  14. I am worthy of an abundant life
  15. I am worthy of good health
  16.  I am worthy of a successful career or business
  17. I am worthy of all I want in my life

Affirmations for Self-Acceptance and Self Approval

  1. I approve of myself
  2. I accept who I am
  3. I accept my ideas and opinions
  4. I accept my dreams
  5. I accept the decisions I make in my life
  6. I accept the whole of me
  7. I accept my life
  8. I let go of the need to overly rely on others for approval
  9. I trust my intuition and the insights it brings me
  10. I accept my abilities
  11. I accept my actions
  12. I accept my life as it is
  13. I accept my career decisions
  14. I accept how I choose to live my life
  15. I accept my calling and life’s purpose.
  16. I accept how I choose to live my life
  17. I compare myself only to my highest self
  18. I respect myself
  19. I do not have to prove that I am enough
  20. I cannot control other people’s opinions and actions towards me, so I choose to react with kindness and empathy
  21. love and respect all the complexities and the many facets of my personality
  22. I do not need to be apologetic for who I am, my ambitions, or my goals
  23. I am my number advocate for my needs and goals
  24. I let go of the need to please everyone at the expense of my needs
  25. It is ok to be different

Affirmations for Confidence and Self Esteem

  1. I stand up for myself with ease
  2. I am self-confident
  3. I acknowledge my self-worth
  4. I radiate self-confidence and self-respect
  5. I am in control of my life
  6. Other people treat me with respect
  7. I am self-reliant
  8. I am proud of all my accomplishments and achievements this far
  9. I am filled with positive energy, and I radiate joy
  10. Mistakes do not define me. They are an opportunity for me to learn, grow and do better
  11. I feel comfortable in my skin; I am happy to be me
  12. I am surrounded by supportive people who celebrate my achievements with me and support my growth
  13. I am smart, intelligent, and competent
  14. Every day I am becoming a better version of myself
  15. I have confidence in my skills and abilities
  16. Every day my confidence is growing
  17. I trust myself to make good decisions
  18. I replace negative self-talk with a positive, encouraging, and compassionate self-talk
  19. I hold myself in high esteem
  20. Other people see me as a capable and reliable person
  21. I am aware of my potential, and every day I endeavor to live it fully
  22. I attract positive, confident people in my life
  23. I accept compliments with ease
  24. I feel free to be me
  25. I am special, important, loveable, beautiful, and wanted.
  26. I stay away from people who belittle me
how can good self esteem help you through difficult situations

Affirmations for Success

  1. Greatness is my birthright. I have a DNA of success
  2. I am a winner
  3. I can achieve anything I set my mind on
  4. I believe I will succeed
  5. I overcome obstacles with ease
  6. My potential is limitless
  7. I dare to be who I want
  8. I believe in my power to be successful
  9. I am creative and innovative
  10. I am resourceful
  11. I find solutions and solve problems with ease

Affirmations for Forgiveness and Self-Healing

  1. I am willing to let go of unforgiveness
  2. I am willing to forgive myself
  3. I am willing to forgive others
  4. I know in some instances, forgiving takes time, and I am willing to be patient with myself throughout the process
  5. I offer myself compassion and kindness
  6. I let go of the need to be perfect. No one is
  7. I let go of the need to blame others
  8. I let go anger and bitterness that I am holding onto
  9. I accept the apologies I receive
  10. I am willing to learn to love myself unconditionally despite my mistakes and my shortcomings
  11. Every day I am learning to be kinder to myself
  12. Every cell of my body releases the memories of pain, anger, and resentment
  13. I allow myself enough time to heal
  14. I commit to being gentle with myself throughout my healing process
  15. I allow myself to be vulnerable and to see myself for who I truly am
  16. By allowing myself to heal, I open up to my beauty and strength
  17. I allow myself to flow through life with an open heart and mind
  18. I let go of the urge to close up when faced with difficulties
  19. At any one given point, I am doing the best I can, and that is enough
  20. I deserve self-forgiveness
  21. I receive forgiveness from other people
  22. When I wrong others, I ask for forgiveness with ease
  23. I will not take other people’s negativity personally
  24. I am not my mistakes
  25. I let go of other people’s judgments of me
  26. I let go of any need for self-hatred and self-loathing
  27. Even if I may have had a difficult past, I am worthy of a fuller, happier and whole future
  28. I take responsibility for my mistakes with ease. I do not let my mistakes define me.
  29. I take the necessary action and move forward
  30. I give up my shoulds, coulds, or woulds, and I choose to make the most of the life I have now

Affirmations for Overcoming Challenges

  1. I can overcome the challenges that I face
  2. I feel the fear, the doubt, and the difficulty, but I choose to show up every day
  3. I have what it takes to overcome my challenges
  4. Even though I am faced with a difficult situation, I completely love and accept myself
  5. I offer myself compassion, love, and kindness during these tough times
  6. I allow myself to feel the pain, but I will not allow it to maim my spirit and being.
  7. This, too, shall pass
  8. Better days are coming
  9. I choose to hang in there with optimism
  10. Everyday things are getting better
  11. I trust the process of life to work out things for my highest good.
  12. All the information I need to resolve this challenge comes to me easily.
  13. I am surrounded by people who offer me the support I need
  14. Challenges cause me to learn and grow
  15. Every day I am getting stronger and wiser
  16. I let go of my stress, anxiety, and fear around my challenges
  17. I will learn what I need to learn from this situation
  18. I choose to focus on the solutions
  19. I release all my resistance to challenging situations
  20. I release all the negativity I am holding on to
  21. I will survive this
  22. I am doing all I can in the best way I can to overcome this
  23. Affirmations for Work and Career
  24. I am enthusiastic about my work
  25. My workplace offers me a conducive environment
  26. I achieve my key performance indicators with ease
  27. I choose to show up every day with enthusiasm
  28. I make work-related decisions with ease
  29. I radiate success
  30. I am satisfied with my job
  31. I can balance my career with other aspects of my life
  32. My job offers me great career prospects, opportunities for promotions, and monetary abundance
  33. I am treated with respect at work
  34. I respect my boss and my colleagues
  35. I am intelligent, creative, and solution-oriented
  36. I am diligent
  37. I am glad that my work benefits the society
  38. I attract the best projects and people to execute them
  39. I always keep a positive mindset about my work
  40. My optimism and enthusiasm are contagious to colleagues/employees, and as a result, we work well together

Affirmations for Peace of Mind

  1. I am peaceful and calm
  2. All is well in my life
  3. I let go of all that is causing stress and chaos in my life
  4. I make decisions that sow peace in my life
  5. I feel safe and happy
  6. I release anger and hurts that cost me peace
  7. I am filled with peaceful thoughts and serenity
  8. I respond to stressful situations with calmness
  9. I am grateful for the joy and peace in my life
  10. When I feel anxious, I take deep, calming breaths to ground myself
  11. I am free of anxiety
  12. I am not my anxious thoughts
  13. I find deep peace within myself
  14. I am at ease with life
  15. I live the present moment fully
  16. I release my resistance to doing activities that make me peaceful and calm

Identify the affirmations I have shared that resonate with you from above. Write your daily affirmation down in your journal, recite it regularly, and watch as your life transforms for the better with positive words.

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