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How to Look for Something Positive in Each Day – 8 Simple Strategies

If you’re anything like me and many others who choose to live positively, finding the good in your day is relatively easy when things work as planned. But spinning a negative situation into a positive can be challenging, even for the most optimistic person.

Truth is, there are tons of amazing things happening every day, regardless of what the pieces of evidence may suggest. You just need to look a little harder to see and appreciate them on some days. And that’s why I’ve pieced this article together ― to show you how to look for something positive each day so you can keep a positive attitude no matter what.

Understandably, many people struggle to stay positive, considering we live in a predominantly negative world. But you can boost your daily positivity by applying the simple strategies I share below.

1. Find Reasons to Laugh

The next time you feel rundown, try laughing. It might feel silly at first, but laugh anyway; it will change your mood before long.

The good thing about laughter, besides being the best medicine, is it’s contagious!

If you can’t bring yourself to laugh heartily, watch a funny clip or listen to someone laugh. You’ll start laughing along without even trying.

In other words, you don’t necessarily have to engage in any “spiritual” practice to lift your spirits and instantly become more positive. Just find something to make you laugh, and it will brighten your day.

Intentionally look for humor in your daily happenings, especially during difficult times. You will feel less stressed when you laugh.

But don’t wait until you feel down and out to find reasons to laugh. The more frequently you laugh, the more positive psychological benefits you will receive.

And the best part?

Laughter is absolutely free therapy!

2. Accept the Things You Can’t Change

I’ll let you into a secret I learned long ago that dramatically reduced my suffering. What’s the secret?

Stop pushing against the things you can’t control or change!

Many things happen in the course of your day-to-day activities that are completely out of your control. Some are great, and some, well, not too pleasing.

Trying to play God by steering everything to go in the direction you want is tiring and impossible and a surefire way to disappointment.

Don’t take this the wrong way, though.

Feeling disappointed when things don’t happen as expected is normal and natural. But all it means is you’re living life, learning from experiences, and growing.

If things happen in the day to make you feel disappointed, pause and look for the silver lining in the situation. It will help you make peace with outcomes you can’t control.

In other words, each time you feel disappointed, take it as your cue to put a positive spin on the situation.

3. Connect With Someone Positive

female friends laughing

Is your day not going great? Perhaps someone looking at the happenings in your day from a different perspective might help shift your point of view.

You see, we are often too neck-deep ― too emotionally involved ― in our realities such that getting perspective becomes too hard.

For example, something important doesn’t go as planned, and you feel disappointed. And because you’re disappointed, you paint the entire day with a sad color!

It is okay to be out of sorts when things don’t work out well.

But one trick that has helped me shift my perspective and mood on such days is connecting with someone positive.

Spend some quality time with a positive person. Even if you don’t talk specifically about what’s bothering you, hanging around them can lift your spirits.

Trust me, this trick works!

In fact, ancient scriptures recommend it when it says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

No matter how out of whack you feel, an upbeat person can help you look for something positive each day, so make time to be with such people as often as possible.

4. Say Positive Affirmations

It’s tough to find something positive in your day if your mind is programmed to only recognize the bad.

You may have been raised in a family where negativity was constantly drummed into you. Or you’ve come to expect things not to work out as a way to protect you from the pains of disappointment.

The good news is that you can rewrite your mind’s program, changing the codes from negative self-fulfilling prophecies to positive ones.

Start by embracing this unshakable truth: it is okay to have an amazing day!

Tell yourself that until you firmly believe it.

It doesn’t matter what the day’s happenings are; keep repeating positive affirmations as often as possible, and soon, your mind will start to pick out the good in your day.

5. Engage in a Worthwhile Hobby

Feeling exhausted from work stress, deadlines, or annoying co-workers? Find a worthwhile pastime to brighten your day.

For many people, downtime means mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds. While there’s nothing wrong with jumping onto YouTube for some hilarious clips, it is usually best to stick with activities that are less likely to make you feel guilty for wasting precious time.

Get crafty, paint a picture, write a story, or grow something in your backyard ― use your downtime to do whatever makes you come alive.

A worthwhile pastime stretches and sharpens your mind, boosts creativity, and helps you create something awesome.

You will feel more productive and close the day positively when you do something you enjoy.

6. Do Something for Someone

sister with disable brother

Here’s a great way to lift your positivity: do something nice for someone. A heartfelt smile, listening without interrupting, or gifting something special; the list of things you can do for someone else is endless.

Help someone with something, big or small. And it certainly doesn’t matter whether the person is a complete stranger or close buddy.

If your day isn’t going as planned, you can either wallow in self-pity or focus on warming someone else’s heart.

I’d choose the latter any day, any time!


Giving someone a helping hand empowers you. It shifts your focus from lack (what you don’t have or unresolved problems) to abundance (giving your time, energy, or resources).

7. Take a Walk

Hiking may not be your thing, and “outdoorsy” may not particularly describe you. Still, you can find plenty of positive things to brighten your day by walking in nature or taking a stroll around your neighborhood.

Besides being a simple way to exercise, taking a walk reduces stress, makes you feel better, and boosts creative thinking.

To find something positive during walks, focus on the present moment.

Shift your attention from worrisome thoughts, ignore your mobile devices for a while, and engage all of your senses to take in the environment.

By the way, did you know that walking in nature can build resilience? Read this article to find out how to thrive by spending time outdoors.

8. Count Your Blessings for the Day

Sometimes, the best way to look for something positive in each day is to literally look for it. Deliberately count your blessings every day.

I recommend getting a special gratitude journal to make a list of your daily blessings. Find a convenient time (evening works well for many people) to reflect on the small and big wins of the day and write them down.

But don’t limit yourself to a specific time of the day to be grateful.

Also, don’t wait until your journal is handy. And it certainly doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood to make a gratitude list or not.

Simply express gratitude, show appreciation, or say thank you in the red-hot moment you experience something to be thankful for or get the urge to be grateful.

Here’s a small list of what happens when you deliberately take time to count your blessings every day:

  • It shifts your focus from lack, shortcomings, failures, and the things you want but don’t currently have to what’s working out for you.
  • Your life satisfaction level goes up, regardless of current dissatisfying experiences.
  • You’re less likely to feel depressed, and you’ll feel less stressed.
  • You will be a generally happier person.

Want to amp up your feeling of gratitude? Share your gratitude list with someone you trust.

You’ll both focus on what’s working and feel more positive if you talk about what’s working rather than your struggles.

Final Thoughts

How you think and feel daily creates your overall outlook on life. If you choose to look for something positive in each day, the little pockets of positivity will add up to change the direction of your life.

Remember, a positive life doesn’t just happen. It takes deliberate choice ― you must decide to focus on the positive. That’s how to live a happy, fulfilling, and satisfying life.

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