6 Simple Strategies For Building Resilience With Positive Affirmation Posters

6 Simple Strategies for Building Resilience With Positive Affirmation Posters

If you are reading this, I take it that you or someone you know is going through a rough patch and needs help weathering the storm.

In this guide, I share some effective strategies for rebounding from setbacks using a simple tool: positive affirmation posters.

Negative life-changing situations are unavoidable. But you can come out of challenges stronger if you develop resilience.

Let’s get right into it.

Why Should You Use Positive Affirmation Posters?

If you have followed my articles for a while, you’ll notice I’m big on positive affirmations. I’ve shared affirmations on nearly all subjects, including those focused on financial abundance, improving marriage, building a growth mindset, and lots more!

Positive affirmation posters are simply a collection of affirmations printed on posters. Each poster usually focuses on one theme.

But why exactly should you bother with reading or repeating positive statements? What’s the benefit of pasting motivational posters all over your walls or surfaces? And what has any of that got to do with building resilience?

Let’s answer these questions one at a time.

Benefits of Affirmations

First, repeating and firmly believing positive statements can boost your sense of happiness and contentment, allowing you to adopt a positive outlook on life.

Affirmations, particularly those that strongly resonate with you, help build an empowering self-concept.

This is a huge plus if you are looking to develop the skills for overcoming threats to your self-identity as well as extreme hardships that threaten your overall well-being.

Additionally, research has shown that self-affirmation can reduce the negative impact of stress on health, improve academic performance, increase openness to behavioral changes, and increase overall well-being.

It doesn’t really matter whether the positive statements are on your phone, computer, or wall; the most important thing is that it works.

How Affirmations Build Resilience

Resilience is effectively managing adversities and quickly recovering from difficult situations.

As you can imagine, you need more than sheer willpower to maintain a healthy perspective when life throws you a curveball, like losing a loved one, losing your job or business, or experiencing a natural disaster that destroys your home.

This is where additional tools like positive affirmation posters come into the picture.

Reading and digesting the messages on positive affirmation posters will gradually reprogram your mind, enabling you to see life’s challenges for what they really are ― growth opportunities.

Resilience is a skill that anyone can learn. All it takes is imbibing thought patterns and behaviors that make you withstand and bounce back quickly from difficulties.

To be clear, developing this important life skill won’t protect you from life’s hard knocks or make your problems disappear.

However, resilience lets you move forward and function optimally despite painful experiences or difficult situations.

With all that out of the way, here’s how to develop your resilience muscle using positive affirmation posters and positive thinking.

How to Build Resilience With Positive Affirmation Posters

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1. Find Affirmations That Resonate With You

There are thousands of positive affirmations on virtually all subjects. However, not all of them will sit well with you.

Consider your current situation, belief system, and what sounds realistic for you when choosing affirmation posters.

For example, a poster that reads, “I am extremely rich!” may sound laughable to you if you are neck-deep in debt.

A better daily affirmation poster may read something like, “This too shall pass.”

You want to choose positive statements that speak directly to your situation, not just popular motivational quotes or affirmations. This way, believing in the words you read becomes much easier, making it possible to develop the toughness to withstand challenges.

2. Use Posters to Get Perspective

The way you feel about any situation depends largely on your perspective. And your thinking patterns determine your point of view.

In difficult times, repeating affirmations reduces the stress associated with adversities. This means you are less likely to think or act irrationally.

By putting things in the proper context, positive statements let you develop the skill to see difficulties from a broader perspective.

3. Focus on Positive Statements to Develop a Positive Outlook

You have two choices when things aren’t going your way: dwell on the problem and negative thoughts or focus on positivity and positive self talk.

Indeed, feeling optimistic is not the easiest thing to do during challenging times. But fixating on how bad things are will only put you in victim mode.

When it seems like your world is crashing all around you, find ways to work on developing a positive mindset.

To have a positive mindset, use uplifting statements and encourgement to keep your focus on what’s working for you. Maintaining a positive outlook may not change the current situation, but it makes it much easier to bear. Also, a positive outlook allows you to be hopeful that things will eventually work out fine.

4. Reframe the Situation

A firm belief in affirmations shifts how you think and respond to events, especially those you have absolutely no control over.

A huge part of developing resilience involves managing how you respond to situations. Things may appear overwhelming at the moment, but you will find the silver lining when you step back and redefine the situation.

5. Develop a Strong Connection With Supportive People

No matter how bleak the situation, you are never alone. Affirmation posters will remind you of this over and over again.

Remembering this is crucial because knowing you are supported keeps you going during trying times.

Maintain a strong connection with your support network ― family, friends, and other supportive people. Connecting to these people provides the moral support you need to endure rough times.

6. Affirm Your Self-Worth and Sense of Purpose

Lastly, read affirmation posters that strengthen your belief in your worth and purpose. Adversities have a way of robbing us of our sense of meaning. For this reason, you want to do anything to increase your sense of self-worth.

Statements such as “I am enough” or “I am a generous giver” can boost your sense of self-worth during financial difficulties or significant material loss.

Armed with these statements, give your time, volunteer your service, or help others in need. Even the smallest act of kindness will go a long way to give meaning to your life, promote mental well-being, and make you tougher.

Bottom Line

Positive affirmation posters aren’t limited to students in classrooms and employees in offices. You can place them strategically at home, in your office, or wherever you spend a significant amount of time.

The more times you read the positive messages on the posters, the deeper they sink into your subconscious. This way, you increase the chances of responding positively to negative change.

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