why do i feel a strong connection with someone

Why Do I Feel a Strong Connection With Someone & What Does It Mean?

“Why do I feel a strong connection with someone?” That’s a fairly common question, especially when you feel an instant bond with someone you barely know.

What could be the meaning of this unexplainable but special connection you feel for someone? Are they your soulmate? Have you crossed paths for an extraordinary reason? Why do you feel especially drawn to them? Does this have some spiritual undertone ― perhaps a psychic or divine connection?

The exact meaning will depend on the vibe you get or the energy you feel when you are around the other person or think about them.

Do you feel a subtle attraction or a sense of confidence and security? Perhaps you are deeply concerned about their well-being or feel they have answers to certain questions in your life.

Whatever vibe you get offers a possible explanation for the connection you feel toward someone. And in this article, I’ll cover why people feel this way and the possible reasons behind the unexplainable sense of strong connection.

But first, let me start by clarifying what I mean by feeling a strong connection with someone.

What Qualifies as a Strong Connection?

You may share intellectual similarities with someone, have surface-level conversations, and even have fun together. But none of these translate to having a strong connection with them.

Also, physical attraction alone doesn’t make the cut.

A strong connection is a feeling of attunement or alignment with someone on a deeper level. This “deeper level” is often described as the “soul level.” And since humans generally don’t have the right words to explain soul-level feelings and connections, we simply think of the attraction as unexplainable or strange.

You can experience a special bond with someone you’ve known for a while, but it can also happen with a total stranger (in which case it feels extremely strange!).

You most likely have a strong connection with someone you barely know but feel like you’ve known them forever since you first laid eyes on them.

Some refer to this instant attraction as “love at first sight.”

While that may be true, feeling a strong connection to someone doesn’t necessarily mean you should pursue a romantic relationship with them. No doubt, the “butterflies in your stomach” experience is real. But it is possible to feel an instant special bond with someone of the same gender, even though you are a heterosexual person.

In other words, not everyone who asks, “Why do I feel a strong connection with someone?” hopes to start a romantic relationship.

Before deep diving into the various reasons for feeling this way, let’s consider the common signs that let you know for sure you have a special connection with someone. And these signs hold true whether you’ve known the person all your life or they recently showed up in your life.

7 Common Signs You Have a Strong Connection With Someone

1. You Feel the Drawn to Them

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For some “mysterious” reasons, you feel an instinctive pull toward this person when you lock eyes with them. You could be in a room packed with people, but it feels like there’s no one else around when you talk with this person.

There is no awkwardness when you gaze into each other’s eyes. Instead, making eye contact feels magical ― it’s like lighting a powerful spark between you!

Interestingly, this feeling stays fresh regardless of how long you are apart.

2. You Are Strangely Dialed Into Them

Do you find it easy to tell the other person’s emotional state, even when they try to hide it? You have a strong connection with someone if it feels like you always have the ability to correctly read their mind.

Thanks to the powerful connection, you feel attuned to them ― it’s almost like dialing into their mental frequency!

This makes it easy to quickly pick up subtle messages like non-verbal cues, understand them on a deeper level, and get along with them even if you only recently crossed paths.

3. You Are Your Authentic Self Around Them

You feel comfortable showing your vulnerable side with this person. There is no need for fronting or pretending.

You express what you really think (no edits necessary!), expose your true feelings, and are completely open to them.

In other words, you don’t feel the need to impress them, put your best foot forward, or put on a false façade when you’re with this person. You are your authentic self and feel very comfortable with them, even if it’s your first time meeting them.

4. You Feel Safe Confiding in Them

People usually have their guard up, revealing only surface details of their lives on a need-to-know basis.

However, when you feel a strong connection with someone, you are not afraid to loosen up, let your guard down on purpose, and tell them what’s going on in your life. Something about them makes you trust them enough to let them into your life, so you confidently share your fears, hopes, and dreams with them.

5. You Hardly Notice Time Passing When You Are Together

It is common to run out of things to say after a few minutes when we converse with the usual people in our lives.

But when you have a strong bond with someone, your conversations are not filled with awkward silences or fade into mediocrity after a few chit-chats, even if you just met them for the first time.

Starting and holding conversations is pretty easy with this person. Switching between topics is easy, and the conversation is not forced. You can talk with them for hours on end and still have lots of meaningful and exciting things to share.

And because your conversations are effortless and never boring, you always look forward to being with them again.

6. They Help You Learn New Things About Yourself

Here’s one of the surest signs you’ve met someone special: being with this person feels like a self-learning experience.

In other words, they help you to see yourself in a new light.

The more time you spend with this person, the more empowered you feel to do things that will make your life more meaningful.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an introvert; being with this special someone can help you discover new and exciting things about yourself you didn’t know were buried deep inside you.

Spending time with someone you feel strongly connected with can teach you about your goals, strengths, and fears.

7. You Have an Inner Knowing About Your Special Bond

It may seem illogical, but it is not uncommon to meet someone for the first time and instantly know you play important roles in each other’s lives.

This inner knowing, gut feeling, or intuition often defies logic. And although it is coming last on this list, it is one of the first telltale signs that you share a special connection with someone.

You may be meeting them for the first time, but you just feel something beyond words ― something special about them. This is a surefire sign that you have a strong connection with the person.

Possible Explanations for Feeling a Strong Connection With Someone

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“Why can’t I get this person out of my mind when I barely know them?”

“Why do I feel a strong connection with someone, even though we hardly know each other?”

“I don’t feel any sexual attraction for this person, so why do they keep popping into my mind?”

Lots of questions!

And they can drive you crazy if you can’t put your finger on what they actually mean. Thankfully, this section serves up a few eye-opening answers.

Remember, soul-level connections are often unexplainable, so some answers here may sound illogical.

As you read the explanations below, I strongly suggest you tune into your feelings for this special person to find the answer that matches the feeling.

They Could Be Your Better Half

A strong sense of connection to someone usually indicates that you’ve met your significant other.

However, you should feel some level of affection for this special someone for this assumption to check out.

You could find success building a romantic relationship with this person if you feel inexplicably drawn to them, and they seem to “get you” more than anyone else.

You Could Be Soulmates

If you feel a strong bond with someone, they may be your soulmate. This is especially true if the connection is instant from the first time you meet.

Wait, what?

Isn’t your soulmate the same as your better half?

Actually, the term soulmate isn’t exclusively synonymous with “spouse,” “lover,” or “romantic partner.” In fact, your soulmate does not necessarily have to be someone you are romantically attracted to.

The media mostly shape the general misunderstanding about soulmates.

To be clear, your soulmate is anyone who shares your soul energy, vision, and purpose, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. They awaken your true self ― helping you to remember your life’s purpose and who you really are.

That said, your soulmate can also be your romantic partner or spouse. In this case, you’ll feel a subtle affection in addition to the soulmate energy.

With that out of the way, what vibes or energy are you likely to feel from a potential soulmate?

First, you don’t have to meet your soulmate to feel their energy or connection. Ever felt as if someone out there is thinking about you, even though you don’t know who they are? You might get goosebumps or experience other physical signs when you feel this strong sense of connection.

That’s a strong indication of your soulmate connecting with you on an energetic level.

Weird right?

Here’s another way to know you’ve met your soulmate. You hit it off from the get-go as if you are meant to be in each other’s life by some special (or divine) arrangement.

While you may feel a strong connection with a potential better half, the feeling may not be mutual. But that’s not the case with soulmates.

Typically, soulmates have a strong sense of familiarity, and the feeling is not one-sided.

They Could Be a Trusted Friend

Another possible explanation for your strong connection toward someone is that they are meant to be a reliable ally.

Usually, the bond you feel toward this person will come with a strong sense of confidence, trust, and security. In other words, you can easily confide in them.

Another way to know a powerful connection to a trusted friend is when you feel safer with this individual than with other friends.

They May Have the Answers You Seek

When you feel a puzzling yet powerful connection to someone in your moments of confusion, extreme distress, or indecision, that person likely has the answer you seek.

Why is this so, though?

Your mind is usually too focused on your problems during your moments of confusion, so it is difficult to receive the right answers in that frame of mind.

To help you out of this predicament, the Universe (or whatever label works for you) gives you answers through someone who is more detached from your current situation.

That’s another way of saying you should pay attention to the people who constantly pop into your mind during difficult moments. You may as well speak to them about what’s bothering you if you feel a strong connection with them.

Remember to keep an open mind because answers often come in ways we least expect.

You Have an Important Role in Their Life

Feeling a powerful bond with someone accompanied by a deep sense of concern might mean you crossed paths for a specific purpose ― usually to be of help to them.

In many cases, the inner nudge to reach out to this person will feel stronger the more you put off meeting them. And while you might have an important role to play in their life, it is usually a way that lets you follow your passion and purpose in life.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Why do I feel a strong connection with someone?” What you do about that sense of connection is ultimately up to you.

However, I suggest you should not ignore it.

Go ahead and explore that feeling. Who knows, you might find a trusted ally or discover true love.

But whatever you do, don’t try to force anything to happen. Simply listen to your gut feeling because it is usually right.

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