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The Best Affirmations for Encouragement

More and more people are catching on to the power of the mind. Little wonder there is a widespread focus on activities like meditation, mindset development, and affirmations.

In this post, I’ll share some of the best affirmations for encouragement to motivate, boost confidence, and create positive energy and emotions. But first, let’s understand how to use daily affirmations correctly.

Positive Versus Negative Affirmations

Daily affirmations are powerful and effective; they can dramatically turn your life around when used correctly. I know this because I’ve had first-hand experience with positive affirmations, as countless others who use them, too!

However, you must know how to use affirmations if you want positive changes in your life.

Many people unintentionally hold themselves back by programming their minds to work against themselves.


They use affirmations wrongly!

Let me rephrase: Instead of positive affirmations, they repeat negative affirmations to themselves daily, which keeps them from getting their desired results.

Negative affirmations are discouraging statements, such as:

  • I’m always unlucky
  • I will never find love
  • My life is a mess
  • Life is full of problems
  • Things don’t work out for me
  • I always have money issues

In a nutshell, statements and negative thinking that make you feel miserable, discouraged, and bad are negative affirmations. If you are down and out, affirming the negative experience won’t help you feel any better. Saying discouraging words to others doesn’t make you feel good, either.

To feel better and boost motivation, you must replace negative statements with affirmations for encouragement. Check out this post to learn more about writing and using positive affirmations.

20 General Affirmations for Encouragement

  1. I am confident and brave.
  2. I can see myself getting closer to my goals every day.
  3. I attract the right people and situations to help me achieve success.
  4. I am committed to accomplishing my goals.
  5. I am grateful for today and look forward to tomorrow.
  6. I grow stronger, wiser, and more intelligent every day.
  7. I recover from setbacks quickly.
  8. I am thankful for all that I have now.
  9. My confidence is growing daily.
  10. Every day, I move toward my life vision.
  11. I move forward confidently, regardless of any situation.
  12. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
  13. I am capable of bringing my dreams to reality.
  14. I set firm intentions to manifest my dream life.
  15. I easily see the good in every situation.
  16. Things are working out for me, no matter how the situation appears at the moment.
  17. I approach today with a positive attitude.
  18. I am open to the opportunities that challenges bring.
  19. I am motivated to consistently work toward my goals.
  20. No matter the situation, things are always working for my highest good.
  21. I have complete faith in my abilities.
  22. I love my life’s journey, regardless of my current situation.
  23. I am good enough.
  24. I am worthy of good things.
  25. I move forward daily toward self-improvement.

20 Encouraging Affirmations for Self Confidence

man wearing inspirational tshirt

Low self-confidence is a sign of constantly feeling discouraged. You can boost your self-esteem by choosing a handful of these affirmations for encouragement and repeating them to yourself daily.

  1. I am confident.
  2. I am proud of myself.
  3. I accept myself completely.
  4. I love myself just as I am.
  5. I am strong.
  6. I have purpose.
  7. I am free to be me.
  8. Today, I choose to be my authentic self.
  9. I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming.
  10. I am valuable.
  11. I value myself, and others respect me.
  12. I am confident in my abilities.
  13. I embrace my imperfections.
  14. I wholeheartedly accept compliments.
  15. I do my best today and always.
  16. I celebrate my wins.
  17. My emotions are valid.
  18. I am the creator of my destiny.
  19. I confidently look forward to what lies ahead for me.
  20. I am enough.

25 Encouraging Words of Affirmation for Your Work Life

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Not getting the results you want in your career? Perhaps it feels like you’re stuck in a rut when you think of your job! The first step for improving your work condition is breaking free from the “stuck” feeling associated with your work.

The following affirmations for encouragement can help you get back on track whenever you feel discouraged or inadequate at work.

  1. I am more than capable.
  2. I can accomplish anything.
  3. I am becoming who I want to be.
  4. I am intelligent.
  5. I am reliable.
  6. I am hard-working.
  7. I am talented and highly skilled at what I do.
  8. I am a work in progress.
  9. I am open to learning new things.
  10. I welcome opportunities.
  11. I see challenges as growth opportunities
  12. I am successful.
  13. Good things are happening for me.
  14. I can be, do, and have anything I want.
  15. I enjoy my work.
  16. I am grateful for the opportunity to be gainfully employed.
  17. I give my best, and I get the best in return.
  18. I can do better no matter how tough the challenge appears to be.
  19. I am on the path to success.
  20. I always strive to do my best.
  21. I always achieve my work-related goals.
  22. I consistently do my best in my work.
  23. I am committed to being successful at work.
  24. I take calculated risks.
  25. I am good at prioritizing.

20 Affirmations for Encouragement About Your Body

obese lady touching her stomach

Our bodies are the only vessels through which we can interact with the physical world. Yet, many people have a hard time loving their bodies.

It may not be obvious, but constantly thinking negative thoughts about your body can take a toll on other aspects of your life.

If you feel discouraged that your exercise routines or diet programs aren’t working, commit to repeating a few of the affirmations below to yourself. For quick results, I recommend saying them to yourself every night before you sleep. It won’t be long until you start to feel great about yourself and improve your overall outlook on life.

  1. I am beautiful inside and out.
  2. My body is magnificent and radiates beauty.
  3. My body is perfect the way it is.
  4. I love my looks.
  5. I think and say kind and positive things about my body.
  6. My body is a work in progress.
  7. I treat my body with respect.
  8. My body is a miracle.
  9. I am kind to my body.
  10. My body is a miracle.
  11. I have a one-of-a-kind body.
  12. My body is a beautiful work of art.
  13. I love and respect my body.
  14. I am grateful for my body.
  15. I am whole just the way I am.
  16. I embrace my body completely.
  17. I am proud of my body.
  18. I am appreciative of all the things my body can do.
  19. I have a healthy body.
  20. I feel confident in my body.

25 Encouraging Affirmations to Motivate Others

friend helping tired hiker

When friends, family, or colleagues feel discouraged or lack motivation, do your best to lift their spirits as much as you can.

Why should you bother helping those around you overcome discouragement, anyway? The reason is simple; their lack of enthusiasm will eventually rub off on you if you hang around them often.

Understandably, the people you surround yourself with may not stay positive 100% of the time ― nobody does, no matter how positive they are! That’s why you are part of their support network and vice-versa. The following affirmations for encouragement can help them get back on track.

  1. You’ve got this!
  2. You are up to this challenge.
  3. You can do this!
  4. You are stronger than you realize.
  5. You are more than capable.
  6. You are an inspiration to others.
  7. You have come a long way.
  8. You have a way with people.
  9. You are good at this.
  10. You always find a way to succeed.
  11. You inspire me.
  12. I learn a lot from you.
  13. Your dedication is encouraging.
  14. I admire your determination.
  15. You should be proud of your accomplishments.
  16. I am proud of you!
  17. You always see the good in others.
  18. Your strength inspires me.
  19. You always come through!
  20. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.
  21. You know how to see the opportunities in challenging situations.
  22. People like being around you.
  23. You bring so much to the table.
  24. I am grateful to have you in my life.
  25. This will be easy for you.

Concluding Thoughts

Affirmations work, but you must say them convincingly. This means saying them out loud or silently to yourself with strong emotions, energy, and certainty.

Whenever you feel discouraged, repeat these affirmations for encouragement to lift your mood, change your focus, and make you feel invincible.

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